Category 4 Gold award

  • Title :
  • Subject :
    Foreign language Business English
  • Authors :
    Angela Lloyd
  • Publisher :
  • Country :
  • Evaluation :
    • Very relevant settings and business situations
    • High level of transparency (introduction, example solutions) Complex, real-life and varied video-related tasks
    • Strong intercultural (and gender equality) awareness
    • Clear structure with suitably concise content selection
    • The whole course has a very modern look and feel - and very much a "business" feel.
    • The audio and video components are authentic and interesting.
    • There is a variety of accents from Europe and around the world, making this a very international book.
    • The layout is very clear and structured.
    • The illustrations always serve a definite purpose.
    • There is a progress check after each unit which encourages true self-assessment
    • There is good support on a website with vocabulary lists, grammar summaries, etc.
    • There is also relevant and useful support for teachers with lesson plans and differentiation exercises The page player app is a gimmick, albeit an interesting one.
    • Attractively produced in a modern and user-friendly style The emphasis is very practical and relevant to the work-place The English is colloquial and informal where appropriate
    • There is a wide variety of different kinds of English
    • There is an interesting selection of work-place contexts
    • The online component provides useful additional material and is easy to use.