On small mobile devices the registration forms are not available because they would be difficult to fill in on these devices. If you want to register, please use a browser on a computer. Thank you!

How to register?

If you want a checklist in printable format, click here for the PDF-File. It will be downloaded to your Download-folder.

General points:

  • The eMail address of the registering person must be in the same domain as the company if the registering person is not already in our database. For example: the publisher has the URL www.company.com, so the registering person's eMail address must be something like name@company.com. If it is something like name@gmail.com, the registration will be rejected. In front of the @ the name can be anything, whatever the naming convention in your company is. There is a blacklist in our system of domains that will not be accepted.
  • If you are registering your company for the first time with BELMA, you need to send an e-mail to the webmaster with all the relevant information as listed below under First time participants. This procedure is a safety measure. Once your information is in our database you will get notified that you now are able to register your learning materials.
  • When you register your materials please check for typos and use international characters and expressions. If the original title of your entry is in non-roman letters, please provide an English translation in the Field Title in English. If you later notice there are typos, no problem, just send us an eMail with the typos and their corrections and we will take care of that, since you will not be able to modify any entry once it has been submitted.
  • If you have registered an entry before, the auto fill function will take care of most of the general entries. If you see information about your company that needs to be updated, send an eMail to the webmaster, specifying what information on what page needs to be changed.
  • EEPG members: Even if you are taking part for the first time your company data will be filled in automatically, although the URL issue described above is to be observed too.
  • If you want to enter two or more sets of items the system will recognize this, and will charge you correctly.

In order to save time when registering for BELMA, please make sure you have the following pieces of information and documents within easy reach before you go on line:

If your company participates for the first time:

  • Participating publishing house details
    • Name of Company
    • Postal mailing Address
    • Email address
    • Website address
    • VAT number (very important!) including leading letters for abbreviation of the country

  • Contact Person
    • First name
    • Surname
    • Telephone number
    • Mobile phone number
    • Email address
    • department
    • position

All participants:

In order to save time when registering for the BELMA Awards, please make sure you have the following pieces of information and documents within easy reach before you go on line:

  • Details of each published learning materials to be entered for the BELMA competition
    • Title of the publication
    • ISBN number
    • Educational field, please choose from the dropdown list or fill in the "Other" field if if you can't find a match in the list.
    • Learning materials entered, resources (When a material is entered, the jury does not look at a text- or workbook as a single item but at the material for a whole program/course. It is thus advisable to list all the components of the material you wish to enter, be it textbook, CD or DVD, online resource or tablet app or teacher's book or game). Check as many items you see fit to describe your resources.
  • Product description:
    Make a clear and concise description in English of the learning material entered (ca. 200 words for each), plus a shorter one that can be used with social media, stating:
    • The target group.
    • The main characteristics of its components (in case of a learning materials' package).
    • the specific innovative features of the materials.
  • If your product is web based you are asked for the product-URL during registration. Please fill in the URL and - if access is protected - send an e-mail with the access information.

  • BELMA Category in which you wish to enter each learning material
    • Category 1: Early childhood education and first years of compulsory primary education
    • Category 2: Second half of primary education and lower secondary education
    • Category 3: Secondary education (including secondary vocational education)
    • Category 4: Post-secondary education (including tertiary education)

  • Important: Please also have ready a print-PDF of the title page of your publication and also of your favorite two page spread (as one PDF file with both pages in it, please). The same goes for online/digital products, please choose the most interesting screens and provide them in high-res PDF format. This material will be used to print posters and certificates, so please make sure they have sufficient resolution.

    These uploads will be named automatically when you have specified what kind it is (title, spread or website screen shot) and the format (PDF or JPG).

    You will be asked to upload these two files after entering the title information. Alternatively you can upload the whole Book as PDF instead of the title if you do not want to send out the printed version via mail.

Online registration:

  • During the registration process you will be taken through the forms and fields that need to be filled in with the obove listed information.
  • Once the online form is completed, you will get a mail stating materials entered and related costs.
  • A separate email containing the invoice will be sent to your email address after registration. If you do not get it, please check your spam-folder.
  • If you experience any difficulties during registration, please send an eMail to the webmaster.

Important! Once you have received the e-mail of confirmation and the bill, prepare the following items:

  • 3 sets of the title (if you have not already uploaded it as a PDF) or 4 access codes for online materials
and send them to the chairman of the BELMA jury:
6bis, rue des Narcisses
F. 76430 La Remuée- France