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    Interactive Art teacher's book for grades 9 and 10
  • Authors :
    Irena Stakniené, Rima Tuinylaité
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  • Evaluation :
    The strongest point of the material is the detailed and comprehensive methodological guide on assessing and rating art work and art projects.
    The teachers' handbook provides a very thorough description of different approaches and principles, all of them clearly promoting the idea that assessment is not a self-serving tool for the teacher, but another way to engage, motivate and further encourage students' individual development: learning to cooperate, work independently, make decisions and apply theoretical knowledge when solving practical problems.
    The material places strong emphasis on clarifying teaching goals and objectives, not only in the teachers' handbook, but also in the textbook. This helps students to tune in to the material and encourages them to consciously think about what they are learning and why it can be motivating.
    Examples of art from outside Europe are included as well as different art forms.