Category 3 Bronze award

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    Daniel Domert, Jonas Bjermo, Jenny Lundin Jakobsson, Anita Ristamäki, Lars Madej, Mia Öberg M.Fl.
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  • Evaluation :
    • This rich material emphasizes differentiation through a track system and several learning styles (sound, filmed lessons, reading, writing etc.).
    • The structure of the chapters is presented in a very simple and clear way, and colours tell students where they are in each chapter.
    • There is clear focus on five mathematical skills (problem solving, methods, concepts, reasoning and communication), and the skills have a clear progression from grade to grade.
    • Each chapter starts with a "maths talk" that serves as motivation.
    • There are some well-designed summaries about the most important issues at the end of each chapter.
    • Mathematical figures are clear and easy to understand, as well as illustrations and colour photos which are really relevant and make the books motivating.
    • There are many exercises to be solved along with other students.
    • The teacher's guides are rich and helpful for the teacher providing effective guidance, tests, logs, work sheets etc.
    • The page layout is attractive and consistent without being too 'busy'
    • The material focuses on the five key mathematical skills in an effective and structured way - everything is well balanced.
    • The online version adds a lot of interactive features and possibilities for following the learning progress of each student
    • Both the teacher and the learner can follow the assessment of the learning process
    • The teacher's guide is extremely detailed in presenting the pedagogical ideas behind the material
    • The textbook is structured around specific guidelines to the learner such as 'continue', expand', repeat', 'one more round' and 'diagnose' which enables the learner to be more conscious of his/her own learning path.
    • Emphasis on differentiation is one of the strongest features of the set. Clearly marked tasks and exercises on various difficulty levels are provided in each chapter, thus allowing students to work effectively with the book according to their abilities.
    • It is a well-designed and very attractive textbook with clean and modern 'look' - including page layout and use of visuals.
    • Mathematical concepts are clearly explained, with examples and a great variety of exercises for practice, including many references to real life situations and links to other fields of study (such as biology, geography, art, architecture) and healthy life-style.
    • Teacher's book displays a high production standard and provides plenty of materials to help teachers with a formative assessment of individual pupils.