Category 3 Gold award

  • Title :
  • Subject :
    Foreign language English
  • Authors :
    Elizabeth Diskin, Kirsti Grana Winsvold, Knut Kasbo
  • Publisher :
  • Country :
  • Evaluation :
    • The overall design and page layout of the three books is really straightforward and attractive. The illustrations are varied, relevant and age-appropriate.
    • The learner's book is efficiently introduced through a double spread page which clearly signposts the structure of the books as well as the objectives of the different types of learning activities/tasks, including the on line extras.
    • One of main aspects of the added value of the materials lies in its really high quality level of production in terms of printing, text and illustrations layout, as well as binding.
    • Learner's book, Read and write as well as Basic skills books use a noteworthy approach to language learning, i.e. they use the target language (English) for contents and activity instructions all through the books except for the occasional translation of difficult words.
    • The signposting of the various activities and learning tasks is particularly well-designed with easily recognisable icons, mind maps or use of arrows to make the language structure more explicit.
    • The material relevantly provides, in specific units (India) or chapters (Multicultural Britain), activities and tasks aimed at inviting learners to reflect upon the knowledge and understanding of the other cultures in English speaking countries.
    • The application, from which additional online resources can be retrieved, is particularly well designed, with an easy navigation through the various sections as well as a really fast and reliable loading of well laid out exercises and activities pages.
    • Enter 8 consists of rich material taking the students seriously through challenging topics.
    • The textbook has a good guide to the books as introduction.
    • Every chapter starts with the students' learning objectives explicitly presented for the students.
    • Many of the texts are authentic texts from the English speaking world; there are both contemporary and historical texts.
    • There is a wide range of texts, images and activities in both printed books; there are also extra activities at the end of each chapter.
    • Important words and expressions are listed in the margin close to where they are used the first time. There is a good quality chapter about language and grammar in the basic skills book.
    • The basic skills book contains very useful and entertaining activities developing oral, written, reading and digital skills that are emphasized in the Norwegian curriculum.
    • The various components are well integrated with useful links between them
    • The standard of design is excellent, with good use of various font sizes and plenty of space around text and illustrations
    • The English is of a very high standard throughout, with suitable use of the occasional colloquialism The use of small icons makes learning even easier for the reader, as do the 'warm-up' items
    • The arrows highlighting parts of the text are a very useful tool
    • All the instructions are clear and precise
    • The online materials complement the printed materials and are equally well laid out and presented.