Category 4 Bronze award

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  • Subject :
    Foreign language German
  • Authors :
    Hermann Funk, Christina Kuhn, Rita von Eggeling, Laura Nielsen, Miriam Tornero-Pérez, Verena Korinth, Helena Stock, Tanja Schwarzmeier
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  • Evaluation :
    • That the course is based not only on everyday situations, but also on speech acts, micro units of dialogue and habitualisation (including in the context of e.g. Smalltalk) is very convincing and in line with current linguistic research. Attractive videos that can be played on the smartphone provide a very effective learning tool. The video karaoke is a novel idea to practise speaking right from the beginning.
    • The check section at the end of each unit ('Fit for' ...) summarizes effectively what has been learned in this unit. The plateau sections provide lots of interesting material that can be dealt with individually as well as in the classroom. The tele novella is a nice way of making language learning fun and at the same time learning about culture.
    • Because of the wealth of different material, the course offers ample opportunity to teach heterogenous classes by providing fast learners with extra material and at the same time offering additional help for slower learners.