Category 4 Bronze award

  • Title :
  • Subject :
    Foreign language: English
  • Authors :
    Rosanne McCollum
  • Publisher :
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  • Evaluation :
    • These learning resources enable the learner to be exposed to authentic language at the same time as improve his/her knowledge and skills in terms of oral and written comprehension and expression.
    • The wide range of interactive exercises aimed at grammar, vocabulary, and reading comprehension are well integrated in text work combining language learning practice and concern for content.
    • The well designed difficulty grading scheme at the beginning of each unit enables the learners to decide for themselves what level they want to work at.
    • One of the main innovative features of the material is that it not only offers suggestions for further reading and a collection of links to really relevant sites, but also encourages the learners to critically question the reliability and accountability of the resources provided.