Category 4 Gold award

  • Title :
  • Subject :
    Foreign language Spanish
  • Authors :
    Ane Christiansen
  • Publisher :
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  • Evaluation :
    • The material is methodologically well structured via the "Pasos" (Steps) clear framework which provides the learner with a series of user-friendly exercises, from controlled through guided practice, involving language content as well as communicative practice.
    • The overall design and page layout is very straightforward and attractive. The illustrations are top quality, varied, relevant and age appropriate. The vocabulary memorisation process is interestingly facilitated thanks to the use of colour-coded word classes, or eye-catching illustrations.
    • Beyond the communicative language proficiency objectives, the material enables the learners to be exposed to interesting background information about Spanish-speaking people, society, and culture from Spain and Latin America. The Step "Pasos activos" systematically offers a stimulating transfer activity where learners are invited to search for specific data, i.e. on the web and carry out tasks reusing language vocabulary and structures related to the course unit.