Category 2 Gold award

  • Title :
    АНГЛИЙСКИ ЕЗИК ЗА 1-4 КЛАС / HELLO! NEW EDITION for young learners
  • Subject :
    English language course
  • Authors :
    Emilia Koleva and Elka Stavreva
  • Publisher :
  • Country :
  • Evaluation :
    • Gradual progression is realized on many levels of the material, from the textbook for grade 1 being nearly exclusively speech-based and teaching Latin letters to widening the scope of the books' world both in complexity and culturally through the grades.
    • Multi-sensory activities are provided, thus addressing different styles of learning and
    • motor skills development. Digital resources enrich and enlarge the scope of learning and teaching opportunities.
    • Exercise instructions are simple and clear, interactive tasks and assignments stimulate pair and group work, accelerate development of both communication and social skills, and offer differentiation opportunities.