Category 2 Bronze award

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    Anja Buchmann, Ute Egan, Klaus Heckner, Tim Kaste, Alexander Lauer, Annika Neugebauer, Jana Neumann, Carmen Otte, Ariane Simon, Godehard Stein, Yvonne Stricker, Martina Verhoeven, Michéle Versemann, Sabrina vom Stein, Jacqueline Weecks, Udo Wennekers
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    • Consistent and well thought through approach to mathematical problems developing from everyday issues and leading to in-depth activities at the end of each chapter that also reflect how maths is used in everyday life.
    • Diagnostic tools and tests in both electronic and print form help teachers assess students throughout. Very consistent approach to differentiation with great transparency and permeability. God focus on competencies. Wealth of additional material that is very well matched with the main student's book.
    • Effective support for learners through additional materials including subtle hints at the bottom of the page that offer support without giving the solution straight away.