Category 3 Gold award

  • Title :
    Hudebni vychova
  • Subject :
    Music for 6-7th grade (years 12-13), lower secondary schools
  • Authors :
    Jakub Sedivy, Lucie Rohlikova
  • Publisher :
  • Country :
    Czech Republic
  • Evaluation :
    • This music course is based on an innovative approach integrating the teaching musical theory and history into different kinds of musical activities, including playing instruments, singing, dancing and listening which actively involve students in the learning process.
    • The learner's manual provides a well-designed double page (p 4 & 5) clearly introducing the various learning activities as well the meaning of the different sign-posting icons, enabling the learners to easily find out about the course process.
    • The lay out of the book is efficient and attractive thanks to the provision of a wide range of different types of illustrations: photos, pictures, diagrams, maps, music scores.
    • With the recurrent use of comic strip storyline of a young people music band throughout the book, this music course attractively takes the pupil's affective dimension into consideration.