Category 2 Gold award

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    Christian Bjerke, Gudrun Areklett Garmann, Marit Midbøe Hagen, Lars Mæhle, Gro Ulla
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    • Each textbook has five chapters, and each chapter is well organized into four 'worlds', the reading, speaking, language and writing 'worlds'; this is presented in the first spreads and give the readers a good overview.
    • Each chapter has clear learning goals explicitly presented to the students.
    • There is a great deal of variety and humour both in text and images.
    • The content builds on the importance of developing literacy, i.e that writing, reading, oral and image competence is of great importance in modern society; this is clearly reflected in the Norwegian curriculum).
    • The selected texts are written by Norwegian and international authors, and are both modern and classical; this introduces a variety of approaches and broadens the reading experiences of the students.
    • Many topics are contemporary, known to the students, and easily invite discussion (the Nobel Prize, a much discussed sound change in Norwegian language, chess, street art, popular films etc.)
    • There is a rich set of exercises, both formal and creative, individual and co-operative. Multicultural issues are well represented in both images and texts.
    • The teacher's guide gives a good introduction to the ideas behind the learning material and a very useful collection of extra tasks.
    • The whole set demonstrates high production standards, including quality of paper, print, page layout, visuals and effective (age appropriate) choice of fonts.
    • There is a strong emphasis on a multicultural perspective which is consistently visible in the selection of literary texts, authors (combining international and national authors and perspectives) as well as visuals.
    • The great variety of visuals is particularly effective in introducing people of various ethnic and religious backgrounds, and from different historical periods, but also people of all ages.
    • The material's strong feature is an integrated approach to developing pupil's skills in reading, writing, grammar and oral skills. It also promotes integration of other subject areas - geography, history, art, culture.
    • The textbooks have a very clear structure. Simple visual symbols for different sets of tasks help pupils to work with the material effectively.
    • The Teachers' Book provides detailed guidelines on how to work with the textbooks and includes a great variety of methodological suggestions for work in the classroom. The book also includes plenty of additional photocopiable work sheets for pupils.
    • A rich and well-presented collection of exercises and texts covering all possible ways of playing and working with and learning to love language
    • Both books (Ordriket A and B) invite the learners into the world of reading, speaking, language and writing along with an impressive and highly motivating collection of all types of texts for the target group
    • The teacher's book of more than 300 pages offers an impressive and well thought out collection of activities and tasks to use with the learners - highly motivating for beginners as well as experienced teachers.