Category 1 Bronze award

  • Title :
    Circus Park - Basic Skills and Concepts
  • Subject :
    Teaching primary school universe
  • Publisher :
  • Country :
  • Evaluation :
    • Learners have different interesting tasks: to find the correct letter, help animals to dress, compose a picture etc.
    • Teachers' clear instructions help children to play the games.
    • Socialisation is clearly demonstrated in Circus Park. For example, children are asked to help animals. Text and image are connected so it helps those beginning with reading.
    • The material offers playful and diverse activities for teaching basic concepts to young children.
    • The material is based on different animals, and lively and funny films introduce the topics and are motivating for the children.
    • The concepts are relevant for the development of basic understanding of letters, sizes, forms etc. The illustrations are light-hearted and engaging
    • The technology is simple and easy to use
    • Many of the tasks and exercises stimulate cooperation between the learners
    • The material is supposedly available in different immigrant languages, which helps immigrant children to learn concepts in their mother tongue; this is also helpful to learn their second language. (The jury was not able to access the relevant sites).
    • Play-based, visually very attractive, child-centred and age appropriate website that provides very stimulating and motivating online learning environment for learning basic skills in main subjects for pupils at primary level.
    • The website is very child friendly and keeps learning fun and a positive experience.
    • Games and role-plays are linked to real life situations (e.g. one of the games on learning to add simulates a shopping experience). They link abstract concepts with concrete situations and experiences. At this age this is particularly relevant.
    • The texts are accompanied by narration, which is very useful particularly as learners are just developing their reading skills.
    • Each task provides immediate feedback and encouragement. Each basic concept has several different games to explain and practice the new concept, and a small quiz to test the learner's skills acquisition.
    • There are different sorts of activities (dragging the correct answer, painting, connecting, listening, inserting the correct answer, filling out working sheets) that effectively allow different pathways for learning and practising basic skills.