Category 3 Bronze award

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    Annette Bürgi, Brigitte Haas
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  • Evaluation :
    • Excellent quality of reproduction of works of art, very good and durable paper and binding, pleasing and legible, transparent and structured layout. A very contemporary look and feel!
    • Starting with the reality of students' lives and letting them experience the connection between everyday life and art offers an excellent and "angst-free" way of relating to all forms of art. This involves in a very novel way all the five senses. At every turn, this connection is made clear, resulting in an interesting way of connecting concepts outside the historical timeline.
    • The step-by-step approach to each module encourages students to understand that art and pieces of art are not something that can be judged by the terms "finished, unfinished, right or wrong", thus allowing them to be very creative at every step. For the teacher there are great opportunities to differentiate.