Special Prize of the Jury SP 2017

  • Title :
    Mini spelling detective stories
  • Subject :
  • Authors :
    Susi Cazzaniga, Silvia Baldi
  • Publisher :
  • Country :
  • Evaluation :
    • Main characters are able to engage children's interests and are lovingly drawn in a comic style.
    • Very solid methodological background (concentrating on specific spelling problems).
    • Good progression from less to more complex activities.
    • Introduction/explanation directly aimed at children, so self-learning is possible.
    • Makes remedial work fun and can be used to boost slow learners' abilities through activities without causing anxiety.
    • The concept of the material interestingly builds upon a mystery case game to motivate learners to practise Italian spelling and acquisition of vocabulary.
    • The overall design and page layout of the five books is really straightforward and attractive.
    • The illustrations are relevant and age-appropriate.
    • The books are suitably introduced by a foreword which clearly provides clear guidelines for using the material and carrying out the different tasks and activities the learner has to undertake to investigate and find out which one of the characters is guilty.
    • The material offers language practice through a wide variety of exercises and activities, i.e. riddles, puzzles and crosswords.
    • The language knowledge and skills objectives are entertainingly implemented through activities dressed up and contextualised in game-like activities.
    • Tackles a subject which children may find dull in an innovative and interesting way.
    • Very clear and systematic design and presentation.
    • The tasks, in the form of puzzles to be solved, will engage and motivate the readers.
    • There is a progression from the simpler to the complex in the five books.
    • There are also opportunities for engaging pupils with learning difficulties.