Category 3 Bronze award

  • Title :
  • Subject :
    Foreign language: English
  • Authors :
    Anne Mette Finderup, Agnete Fog, Maria Dohlmann
  • Publisher :
  • Country :
  • Evaluation :
    • Strong introduction with a clear presentation of rationale, aims, structure, etc.
    • A short introduction to contemporary literature (in English) and - at the beginning of each chapter - a short introduction to the chapter-building aspects of modern society (in Danish) - this is a very sensible use of different languages.
    • In every top-level chapter (ranging from identity to risk society) there is well-guided text work on excerpts from relevant current English-language literature, but also interpretative work regarding e.g. , non-fiction texts (e.g. by Barack Obama - rhetoric ), images or films (e.g. "Babel").
    • Because small ´hyper 'text/media snippets are avoided in favour of scrollable units, the navigation is very clear.
    • Toolbox with text about analysing different types of media, talking (in the form of a quiz) and in particular writing (different text types) mainly about texts.
    • Really dynamic and eye-catching opening page to catch the attention of the learner.
    • Dramatic use of photographs and evidence of a wide range of reading/reference material.
    • Many opportunities for testing understanding with very clear and helpful guidelines.
    • Challenging and wide-ranging collection of modern texts which expand the readers' horizons.
    • Readers are introduced to topical concepts through reading from selected texts.
    • The topics proposed and described with texts from numerous contemporary writers are highly relevant and appealing to the target group.
    • The students have the opportunity to express their experience, their problems and answer the questions by clicking the writing tool which lets the teacher follow each learner all the time.