Category 3 Gold award

  • Title :
    Maximal A1
  • Subject :
    Foreign language: German
  • Authors :
    Giogio Motta, Elzbieta Krulak-Kempisty, Claudia Brass, Dagmar Glück, Julia Katharina Weber, Lidija Sober
  • Publisher :
  • Country :
  • Evaluation :
    • This is a very comprehensive set of materials for all the aspects of language competence.
    • Learning aims are clearly stated in the student's and teacher's book.
    • Different learning activities are successfully incorporated.
    • There are flexible and interesting tasks presented throughout the learning process.
    • Group work has an important role to play in the study set.
    • Useful hints for lessons are given in teacher's book; for example, possibilities for motivation, differentiation, etc.
    • For some teachers, the answers to tasks in study set may be helpful.
    • Teachers' CD includes useful worklists, tests, etc.
    • A very attractive, modern looking set of materials displaying high production standards. A dynamic design and layout make the set interesting and engaging for this age group.
    • The books and units' structures, visual symbols and learning objectives are very clearly explained at the beginning of the student's book.
    • One of the strong features of the set is its focus on developing social skills and intercultural awareness. There is a good gender balance and it's good to see that people of all ages are presented in everyday interactions. All this helps develop pupils' positive social and emotional skills.
    • The student's workbook is also very well designed, with full colour print.
    • The set provides great variety of activities, tasks, exercises, and puzzles, crosswords etc. that are age appropriate. Pair work and group discussions, work with modern media which are an integral part of the learning process and are effectively used to develop pupil's listening, writing and speaking skills.
    • The set's strong methodological approach is in pair with high production quality.
    • The situation-based, communicative approach with realistic characters using contemporary media and means of communication makes the material very engaging for students (write a rap song, make a short video, write an email, a blog entry etc.).
    • The material is very well designed both methodologically (individual, pair and group exercises, role-play, interesting project tasks, clearly stated learning goals, self-evaluation pages) and visually (high quality photos, navigation made easy with colours and symbols, clear page layout).
    • The exam preparation section simulates a language exam that helps to prepare students for the kind of exercises they will encounter there.
    • The teacher's guide is really useful, clearly stating learning goals, offering teaching guidelines, differentiation opportunities, tips, variations on exercises and worksheets and tests on the CD.
    • The material introduces the cultural elements of German-speaking countries and at the same time illustrates diversity with students of different backgrounds (Asian, Turkish, Middle-Eastern etc.).