Category 2 Gold award

  • Title :
    100% Música
  • Subject :
  • Authors :
    Antonio Neves, David Amaral, Jorge Domingues
  • Publisher :
  • Country :
  • Evaluation :
    • Complete and seamless integration of a wealth of materials and media with totally easy access to all of them. Works on and scales to all platforms.
    • A rich source of local and international music through the centuries with a clear focus on the contemporary - as befits the target group.
    • Excellent and unbiased background information on all artists featured.
    • Intercultural and cross cultural throughout, bridging the gap from Carl Orff to Adele.
    • Full of lovely ideas like the Loto Sonoro which starts each chapter and the pop-up orchestra for the classroom.
    • Great encouragement for students to pick up an instrument - including karaoke versions of each song.
    • The whole course is geared to active students' involvement and brings music to everybody even if the student's background is not at all a musical one.
    • This music course applies an interesting concept, i.e. a very pragmatic action-oriented learning by doing approach focused on listening, playing and composing music activities.
    • The course package is very impressive with a whole range of different and complementary materials enabling the teacher to easily cater for differentiated activities according to the learners' needs and levels.
    • The learner's manual is well structured and easy to work with, thanks to a systematic and useful signposting of the theme, topic, skill and type of activities dealt with, in the page header.
    • The teachers´ resource pack file is remarkably comprehensive with numerous supplementary printed and digital materials, aimed at planning the course, reinforcing the learners' motivation or evaluating the students' achievements.
    • The teacher's manual is efficiently designed, with a footnote on each page displaying which printed or digital resources are available for the unit presentation as well as the connected learning activities.
    • The material offers the learners a really large variety of exercises, practical tasks, games or tests which will motivate wide-ranging audiences to enjoy music.
    • The different activities and exercises use an extensive selection of musical genres enabling the teacher to introduce and expose his/her learners' tastes to all sorts of music.
    • Clear and rare example of the unique possibilities of digital delivery: the ´Karaoke´ type applications make music transparent in a way not possible previously; the same is true for virtual Orff instruments
    • The unbiased treatment of traditional folk, pop, classical and non-Western music simply as different expressions of music is laudable; the same is true of the different abilities needed to appreciate music, from listening, understanding and learning about music to making music.
    • The digital material - with a printed directory for the teacher - has a consistent appearance throughout and is extremely rich and helpful
    • The teacher´s guide contains extremely detailed material with descriptions right down to the single lesson and single (multiple choice) tests.
    • The integration of the learning of Orff instruments and recorder into the school music education system is an excellent idea, providing chances specifically to children from disadvantaged families.
    • Comprehensive audio material on the CDs.