Category 1 Bronze award

  • Title :
    Fun World of Geometry
  • Subject :
  • Authors :
    Mirjana Radovanović, Milena Radovanović, Milja Radovanović
  • Publisher :
  • Country :
  • Evaluation :
    • Attractive, colourful and age appropriate set of workbooks that introduces basic of geometry to young children in a playful and interactive way.
    • As the title of the set indicates, the set aims to make learning fun - and it succeeds. There are many different activities inviting children to draw, connect, colour, cut, match shapes, puzzles... that suit a variety of learning styles and approaches.
    • The overall format, design and layout are clean, simple and modern, not too crowded and with high production standards.
    • These are very relevant materials for the development of children's figurative thinking and motor skills.
    • The tasks are easy at the beginning but get more complicated step by step through the whole study set.
    • The names of geometric shapes are successfully introduced to children.
    • It is good idea to give examples that young children have to follow.
    • There are some tasks for pair work (p 39 Oblitsa) and for the development of creativity (p 9 Slagalitse).
    • The material fills an important gap by preparing preschool children not only for the use of numbers but also for geometry.
    • Transferability is one of the strongest features of this material as it does more than prepare children for geometry: spatial awareness is an important life skill, just as playing with lines helps to develop graphomotorics skills for writing.
    • Other than spatial awareness, it also helps to develop perception and observation skills.
    • A good variety of exercises keeps the material interesting.
    • There is a very good progression from simple to more complex tasks, exercises gradually building on each other.