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  • Title :
  • Subject :
    Foreign language French
  • Authors :
    Ilka Antonova, Pavlina Ribarova, Svetlana Guerassimova, Françoise Demougin
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  • Evaluation :
    • This material builds upon the knowledge previously acquired by learners in other fields such as the cultural, social, and political history of France and French-speaking countries, as well as Bulgarian Literature, History and Civilisation, Art and Music.
    • The course enables the learners to reflect upon the culture of other countries thanks to the provision of a very wide range of French literature texts as well as Francophone literature works from all over the world.
    • The materials provide a great variety of learning activities and tasks which meet different types of learners interests and needs, as well as making challenging connections to other academic or artistic disciplines or suggesting Internet links to related relevant cultural resources.
    • Both the learner's book and workbook use a commendable approach to foreign language learning, i.e. they use the target language (French) for contents and activity instructions throughout the books.
    • The workbook usefully matches and complements the learner's manual in supplying stimulating and playful activities like "d'un autre point de vue" dealing with French cultural heritage or "Projet" proposing some motivating groupwork activies involving the whole class.
    • Texts from many literary writers and data from the cultural, social, and political history of France provide a rich and varied content.
    • The textbook and workbook include many different exercises that clearly support language acquisition.
    • The students' thinking skills and value systems are developed via questions aimed at the analysis and interpretation of literary texts.
    • The teacher's handbook includes answers to exercises in the students' book which may be helpful for less experienced teachers.
    • According to the information from the publisher, the CD includes audio files which support the learning process.
    • The method of working through general life topics by reading and interpreting original French and Francophone texts suits the age-group and the advanced level of the course very well.
    • The inclusion of Francophone writers challenges students' cultural stereotypes, broadens their literary horizon and promotes empathy and tolerance.
    • The structure of the chapters in the textbook and the workbook both follow a well-established, clear pattern, and although they are not the same, the materials are clearly inter-related.
    • The material presents opportunities for various work forms: round-table discussions, research, group and individual work.
    • The teacher's book contains learning objectives, methodological suggestions and useful extra material.
    • The workbook offers various exercise types, among them creative and engaging projects and translation exercises that develop the creative use of the language.