Best European Learning Materials Awards
The EEPG will donate 200€ for each additional entry over 50 to Unicef’s
Help for Children in Ukraine.

The 2022 ShortList is online! Please scroll to the end of this page to see the link.

Dates, Conditions and pricing for participating

  • Registration for BELMA Awards will be possible on this website from 14 . 3. 2022
  • Deadline for Registration: 08 . 06. 2022
  • If you register before April 25th you will receive a special discount of 10% on all your entries!
  • Deadline for payment: 31 . 7. 2022
  • Deadline for Product Shipment: 10. 6. 2022
  • Proclamation of the Winners: Wednesday, 19. 10. 2022 at the Frankfurt Book Fair or, if necessary, like in 2021 online
  • Each submitted learning material must have been published in last or the current year for the first time, i.e. it must have been published in 2021 or 2022.
  • The price for participation is 400 Euros ( members: 240 Euros) for the first entry/title. The participation fee for following entries in any category is 320 Euros ( members: 190 Euros). If you are entering more than one title, the system will recognize that and automatically charge the correct reduced amounts.
  • There is no limit on the number of learning materials being submitted from each publisher.

BELMA 2022

And here see the shortlist 2022