Category 2 Special Prize

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  • Authors :
    Andrea Maffia; Anna Rita Vizzari
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  • Evaluation :
    • These books are lovingly designed invoking the student's interest straight away with their interesting look and feel - speaking the language of digital natives. Students usually playing games on their smartphones and tablets will be engaged immediately trying to solve puzzles, not realising they are practising maths or grammar.
    • The way clues are incorporated in the books that can be accessed by simply scanning the QR code adds an exciting experience and goes beyond the linear approach of printed materials. Like a real detective, the students solve the puzzles with the help of the clues provided, while learning becomes a welcome side effect.
    • A short but clear mode of operation explains the meaning of the various icons and QR codes spread over the material and describes what kind of tasks the learners are expected to carry out.