Special Prize of the Jury Special Prize

  • Title :
    Giochi filosofici - Sfide allultimo pensiero per bambini coraggiosi / Philosophical riddles - Thinking challenges for courageous children
  • Subject :
    Philosophical games for children
  • Authors :
    Luca Mori
  • Publisher :
  • Country :
  • Evaluation :
    • The methodological approach of the material suitably takes into account the target audience as it offers a continuous alternation between the strictly philosophical point of view on a given theme and that of children, sometimes usefully pointing out the advantages and disadvantages of ideas.
    • The attractive cover, the refined rawness of the page layout as well as the illustrations, give the printed material a genuine a stylish approach which suits the contents.
    • Successful attempt to base thinking and learning on very general questions and answers by philosophers for children.