Category 2 Bronze award

  • Title :
    D wie Deutsch (G for German)
  • Subject :
    German course for teaching very heterogenous learning groups
  • Authors :
    Nina Bähnk, Dorothee Braun, Silke González León, Bernd Hoffmann, Catherine Jaulgey, Renate Teepe et al
  • Publisher :
  • Country :
  • Evaluation :
    • The materials pack is really comprehensive and provides a whole range of different types of activities offering the learners (and the teacher) a really good variety of motivating exercises, practical tasks, or self-assessment activities.
    • The differentiation concept is very well thought through. Without stigmatizing any students, the 4 different levels that are added to the basic material appropriately differentiate both upwards and downwards.
    • The topics of the chapters are recognisably competence-oriented (grammar and orthography are separate competences themselves), but also cover a very useful selection of topics of interest and relevance to 10-year olds.