Category 2 Bronze award

  • Title :
    The Great Adventure
  • Subject :
    Maths, Geography, Music, Home Economics
  • Authors :
    A team of authors
  • Publisher :
  • Country :
  • Evaluation :
    • This is a very rich set of learning and teaching materials - about 30 units. They all facilitate children's learning and makes teachers' work easier.
    • The digital textbooks include important additions to the printed books. There are possibilities for listening to music and texts read aloud, to solve tests, and to see videos.
    • The students' books are very child-centered.
    • Value education is well covered in the study set. Children are occupied in learning and playing, families contain elderly people and a lot of children. There is also a black girl and a boy in a wheel chair (Okolen svjat).
    • The overall design of all the materials is very attractive and age appropriate. The use of strong primary colours and humour in child friendly illustrations used consistently across the whole set helps to motivate children.
    • Individual books and workbooks are suitably slim, and the page layout (apart from Maths textbook) with large illustrations and large fonts is very appropriate for this age category.
    • In addition to developing cognitive skills, the set provides ample examples for developing social and emotional skills. Respect for others, friendly and polite manners, and intergenerational relationships are consistently promoted in the whole set.
    • The visuals include illustrations of children and adults with disabilities depicted in various real life situations and in interactions with other children. This is very laudable.
    • The differentiated approach allows greater flexibility and adaptability to various contexts and diversity of learning styles and the needs of young learners.
    • Using the same characters and design throughout the material provides a sense of continuity for the students.
    • The animations illustrating how to form a letter or number in the online resources can be especially helpful to children with visual learning styles.
    • The introduction of spatial awareness exercises in the mathematics material prepares the students early on for more complex concepts.
    • The textbooks are accompanied by a detailed teacher's guide with differentiation opportunities and ideas for individual and group work.