Category 3 Bronze award

  • Title :
    Going places
  • Subject :
    Foreign language: English
  • Authors :
    Lindis Hallan
  • Publisher :
  • Country :
  • Evaluation :
    • The course includes 11 English-speaking areas around the world, and therefore avoids a concentration on Britain, which is common in much material for English learners.
    • It is rich material where the students are offered high quality photos, texts about a wide range of topics, films where young people from Britain and USA with different kinds of English tell about their life, vocabulary learning, reading, listening, writing and speaking exercises.
    • The students can also test themselves through quizzes. They can record themselves in the speaking exercises, and they can save their own written texts; these opportunities make it possible to control their speaking and writing skills. All texts are read aloud to the students.
    • Many of the exercises are meant to be done in pairs.
    • The texts are in two versions, one more complicated than the other, and provide for differentiation.
    • The topics offer knowledge about young people in many parts of the world, and also about geography, history, and culture in a way that is suitable for the age group. Many of the topics provide good opportunities for discussions in the classroom.
    • A positive feature is that first nation people have a prominent place in the material. English is used as the instruction language.
    • A rich teacher's guide can be downloaded as a pdf.
    • It is easy to navigate through the different modules of the course.
    • The digital resource is clearly structured, easy to open and navigate.
    • Each of the 3 main areas has a similar structure which helps students to work with the resource both in school and independently.
    • An interdisciplinary aspect is one of its strong features, as learning English is combined with geography, history, art, etc.
    • The resource successfully develops social and emotional skills as it invites students to discuss, debate and explain various perspectives. Tasks and activities include role-play, pair work, and group discussions.
    • There is great variety of topics - presented in videos, audio recordings and pictures.
    • In the Mini movies section, difficulty level is clearly indicated on the front page.
    • Students are provided with an immediate feedback as they work with the resources since all tasks include assessment of progress and check correct answers.
    • Very inspiring choice of movies and pictures which present the English speaking countries.
    • The cultural areas in the widest sense of the words are well chosen and very well presented in various inspiring ways.
    • Various types of tasks and exercises are offered.