Category 2 Bronze award

  • Title :
    The World in my hands
  • Subject :
    Arts (design / drawing)
  • Publisher :
  • Country :
  • Evaluation :
    • The story-telling aspect transforms the school curriculum into an adventure, engages students and creates a bridge between topics as well as schoolwork and extracurricular activities.
    • By giving students a choice to decide which of the three tasks related to the chapter's topic they want to work with, the material promotes decision-making, responsibility and personal involvement.
    • The tasks and topics manage to avoid clichés: they are fresh, engaging and suitable for the students' age, they relate to real life, promoting the idea that art can be found (and made) everywhere.
    • The Teacher's guide includes useful suggestions how to work with the textbook, links to internet sources and also ideas for new projects, encouraging teachers to come up with their own creative ideas.