Category 2 Silver Award

  • Title :
    Tous Ensemble primaire
  • Subject :
    French as a foreign language course
  • Authors :
    Julie Chauvet, Falk Staub
  • Publisher :
  • Country :
  • Evaluation :
    • A really attractive, age-appropriate and well-designed French course with contemporary cartoon-like illustrations and photos of children with whom learners can easily identify.
    • The digital teacher assistant DVD provides a version of the course which can be used on a white board with a lot supplementary materials, including very lively animated videos, songs, flashcards, exercises or didactic hints for the teacher.
    • The French language content has been carefully and appropriately chosen with a really up-to-date French environment, as well as a selection of expressions like "génial, trop cool, nul" used by French school learners of the same age.