Category 2 Silver Award

  • Title :
    Explore 6, My Textbook
  • Subject :
    Foreign language: English
  • Authors :
    Ellen M. Tudor Edwards, Tone Omlan, Isabelle Royer, Victoria Amstrong Solli
  • Publisher :
  • Country :
  • Evaluation :
    • The textbook has 7 chapters based on topics relevant for the 6th grade such as animals, fairytales, diaries, transport, film history, the planet, and USA and differences between American and British English.
    • The topics are presented in an engaging way with a mixture of facts and knowledge,
    • linguistic exploration and activities.
    • The book starts with a useful spread presenting the different elements of the chapters and helping the students to navigate through the pages.
    • The role of a funny character, Mr. X. Plore, is also presented. He gives tips, shows strategies for better reading, writing and talking and shows how model texts can be used.
    • Every chapter starts with clear learning aims and ends with self-evaluation tasks so that the students can control their learning outcomes.
    • The book builds on modern methods for foreign language teaching using model texts with an
    • increased emphasis on grammar and vocabulary. Writing English texts is taken more seriously compared to many similar materials.
    • The book gives a good understanding of differences in global English.
    • The layout is student friendly, and offers great variation from spread to spread. There is also a great variation in photos and in the use of humorous illustrations.
    • Different ethnic backgrounds are represented on photos and in texts.
    • Songs and raps are integrated, and support the variation and motivation.
    • There are many differentiated exercises both in the textbook and the workbook.
    • The teacher's book is rich with explanations, background information on the content, activities meant for Smart Board etc.
    • Consistent and transparent differentiation concept with one (easy) to three (hard) dots
    • Very explicit coverage of the rationale, and the competences to be developed by the materials as well as a comprehensive collection of materials.
    • There is a lesson plan, proposals for the single chapters, jokes and links to digital resources and smartboard matters. In each case they are clearly arranged around an image of the corresponding textbook double-page spread (teachers 'guide).
    • Lively, varied visual style with a sufficiently clear lay-out and illustration of an appropriate size as well as useful learning-to-learn sections (« Mr X. PLORES´s Writing Tip »)
    • A very broad range of topics from cinema to environmental protection, not just the usual ones, bringing into play a wide range of different text types from different settings.
    • Concise and clear grammar as well as a varied exercise section (including jokes)
    • A visually attractive workbook (in colour) with a wide variety of exercises.
    • There is a wide range of different text types presented at an appropriate difficulty level
    • The web site provides well worked out suggestions for the teacher.
    • The lay-out is easy on the eye as the pages are not crowded.
    • The choice of humorous illustrations is highly appropriate for the target group, including funny cartoon characters.
    • New vocabulary items are usefully displayed in the bottom corner of all pages.
    • The learning pack includes a really well designed teacher's book with detailed and varied recommendations and suggestions (especially for new teachers)