Category 2 Silver award

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    • The textbook has seven chapters about the European history; it offers a lot of information and takes young students seriously.
    • Colours are used pedagogically in a positive way to organize the chapters.
    • There is an informative overview of all chapters and their content at the beginning of the book.
    • Each chapter starts with a spread which points out the main topics for the students; this provides a good overview for the students.
    • Both original photos, paintings, illustrations and good quality maps are used in an informative way, and the numerous images contribute to a good variety in the spreads.
    • The textbook takes young people's interests into consideration by integrating sport, film and music.
    • Boxes with quotes and examples contribute to motivation. Images are present in the workbooks; this contributes to variation and motivation.
    • The tasks in the workbooks seem varied and facilitate differentiation.
    • The specific positive feature of this textbook is that it guides students to think about historical events and to discover the relationships between them.
    • The book has an attractive layout and the double-page principle is successfully employed.
    • Learning aims are formulated at the beginning of every lesson.
    • Good variety in the presentation of the material - main text, maps, Illustrations, comments from historians, additional texts, time-line, etc.
    • Basic terms are briefly explained at the top of the double pages. Tasks of different complexity are provided.
    • Teachers' feedback has been used to develop the material.
    • The main textbook has a very attractive and modern design, and page layout. In addition, the authors and the publisher kept it fairly 'slim' and appropriate for this age category.
    • The book presents a well-balanced political, cultural, social history, and effectively combines national, European and world history.
    • The use of maps and chronological historical lines across all chapters is particularly effective, helping pupils to follow changes and historical developments over the centuries and place them geographically.
    • The pupil's workbook provides great variety of tasks and activities, making pupils really engaged in learning history.