Category 2 Bronze award

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  • Authors :
    Annette Hessen Bjerke, Tom-Erik Kroknes, Olaug Ellen Lona Svingen
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  • Evaluation :
    • Novel approach of presenting mathematical problems (comic)
    • Discussion and group work on mathematical problems encourage collaboration
    • Excellent differentiation throughout
    • Online fun games are motivating for the learners
    • Interesting, non-realistic but enchanting illustrations
    • Each textbook displays five chapters on the first spreads well organized with colours as symbols; this gives the material a good structure.
    • Each chapter opens with clear learning goals explicitly presented to the learners, important terms to be learned, a special exercise as a start and a motivating cartoon.
    • Each topic (inside the chapters) starts with clear examples that serve as a background for the learners' exercises. A bat serves as the learners' good adviser and gives useful hints.
    • Multicultural issues are presented through illustrations and names.
    • The illustrations are funny and imaginative, and therefore motivating for the learners.
    • The learning material takes differentiation into consideration as both textbooks and workbooks have tasks for all learners at three levels ('spor' 1, 2 and 3, organized by colours).
    • The tasks are clearly marked for individual and cooperative work.
    • The teachers' guide has a good introduction to the pedagogical ideas in the material, and many extra tasks to each chapter and each topic within the chapters.
    • Each chapter has a helpful short summary.
    • The cover page of 6B conveys the essence of mathematics, i.e. abstraction.
    • The tasks and exercises presented in the textbooks are relevant to world of the learners in terms of content as well as difficulty
    • The teacher's handbooks are well planned guides for inexperienced teachers
    • The materials present a rich mathematical world to the learners with age relevant illustrations.
    • Many possibilities for discussion and work in smaller groups are provided - conversations between the learners as well as different levels of problem-solving are offered throughout the material.