Category 3 Silver award

  • Title :
    Deutschbuch, differenzierende Ausgabe / German book, differentiating edition
  • Subject :
    Mother tongue German
  • Authors :
    Herausgeber:innen: Markus Langner und Andrea Wagner | Autor:innen: Julie Chatzistamatiou, Friedrich Dick, Anna Ulrike Franken, Hans Joachim Gauggel, Daniela Giesler, Anna Charlotte Gornik, Ruth Malaka, Christoph Mann, Arnhild Nachreiner, Mechthild Stüber
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  • Country :
  • Price :
    7,99 + 15,99 €
  • Evaluation :
    Deutschbuch Differentiation updates the classic Deutschbuch series, prioritizing differentiation and inclusion and supporting individualized teaching and learning.
    • The material captivates learners through an array of interesting topics, skillfully avoiding a patronizing tone. It presents both girls and boys in inclusive and empowering ways.
    • Difficult topics such as cyber mobbing are addressed coupled with a consistent encouragement of critical thinking.