Category 3 Bronze award

  • Title :
  • Subject :
    foreign language English
  • Authors :
    Martina Baasner, Irene Bartscherer, Lisa Braun, Sabine Buchholz, Wiebke Bettina Dietrich, Sylvia Loh, Benjamin Lorenz, Paul Maloney, Pascal Ohlmann, Birgit Ohmsieder, Andreas Sedlatschek, Veronika Walther
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  • Price :
    23 €
  • Evaluation :
    • This material offers an impressive range of learning resources balancing reading, writing, listening/viewing, speaking and mediating skills, as well as including consolidation and assessment.
    • The product nicely combines interesting new content with information concerning different exam formats and corresponding exercises, including partner exercises.
    • The material offers a wealth of ideas for learning on a variety of platforms and encourages individual research in an attractive and nicely illustrated way.