Category 3 Gold award

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  • Subject :
    science, technology, engineering, the (liberal) arts, and mathematics
  • Authors :
    Ingrida Kupčiūnienė, Jolita Kaupienė, Kęstutis Mačiulaitis, Kristina Juodeikienė, Mantas Petraska, Vaida Ambrasaitė, Viltautė Zvirzdinaitė
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    8,40 €
  • Evaluation :
    • The concept of the interdisciplinary material is truly innovative as it enables the learners, at the same time, to explore very tangible aspects of the environmental issues and support sustainable development, even becoming "influencers" in the field.
    • The topics selected in the book comprehensively address the general sustainability issue and use target audience age-appropriate examples and argumentation.
    • This material is suitably based on a "learning by doing" approach, effectively stimulating student's interest and motivation for learning about sustainable development as well as concretely planning and designing practical solutions, ranging from virus spread simulator to waste sorting management.