Published learning materials may be entered for the competition under one of the four categories:


How can you participate? First make sure you have at hand the details about:
  • your company (telephone, mail, postal address, contact person, VAT number)
  • If you want to enter two or more sets of items please make sure to do this in one session, otherwise you will not receive the lower price on all entries after the first one (Non-Members: 500 Euros for the first entry, 400 Euros for all following entries)
  • the materials you wish to enter in the BELMA Awards competition (Title, ISBN N°, types of materials of the entries, product description in English - about 200 words)
  • then click on the link "Register" to access the on line registration form; this will take you through the necessary forms and fields that need to be filled out
  • once the online form is completed, you will get a mail stating materials entered and related costs.
  • A separate email containing the invoice will be sent to your email address immediately after registration.
  • You can find a detailed How-to-register in PDF format here.
  • If you experience any difficulties during registration send an eMail to the webmaster.

On small mobile devices the registration forms are not available because they would be difficult to fill in on these devices. If you want to register, please use a browser on on a computer. Thank you!

Who organises the BELMA?

The competition is run by three international organizations with special interest in education and learning materials.
The EEPG (European Educational Publishers' Group) was founded in 1991 as a non-profit association of educational publishers in Europe. It supports the quality of educational materials in Europe through its network meetings and conferences. The Frankfurt Book Fair is well known as the biggest trade book fair worldwide. Over the last few years there has been a strong focus on educational publishing. IARTEM is a community of researchers who work to promote research on - and understanding of textbooks and educational media.

Why should you participate?

Participation is open to all providers of educational materials in Europe and associated countries. The prestigious award is a genuine marketing tool for high quality learning.
  • All participating titles are evaluated by an international jury of experts on education and learning materials. Each entry receives a written evaluation.
  • The winners receive a diploma (in two copies), for gold there is also an engraved trophy. The merit award may be awarded for innovative and creative teaching approaches.
  • The three best entries in each categories are featured extensively on the award website for a year and displayed at the EEPG stand in hall 4.2 during the book fair. A marketing kit will be provided.

How are the categories classified?

The four categories above are based on the existing school systems in Europe. Since there are distinct differences between the systems, some compromises had to be made. If you are unsure about what category to enter your materials in, please contact the chairman for advice.

What materials can be entered?

Learning materials are defined as any kind of resource such as
  • A book or a set of books (textbook, workbook, teacher's resource book, etc)
  • A package including different sorts of components in print and in electronic form (books, CDs, DVDs, online resources)
  • A purely digital learning resource to be used in school or as self-study material (with or without LMS)

General advice for entering materials

When a material is entered, the jury does not look at a text- or workbook as a single item but at the material for the whole program/course. It is advisable to list all the components of the material you want to enter, be it textbook or online resource or tablet app or teacher's book or game.
Please note that the appraisal process starts in February and ends in July. If your materials are in beta version and cannot be judged because of technical problems, it might be advisable to enter them a year later.
For the BELMA 2017, only titles with a publication date of 2016 or 2017 will be accepted. An exception may be made when a complete program is entered where some of the individual titles have an earlier publication date.

Conditions for participating

  • You apply to enter the competition by filling in & sending the on line registration form before the 28th of April 2017.
  • Each participating learning material must have been published in 2016 or 2017 for the first time.
  • The price for participation is 500 Euros for the first entry/title. The participation fee for following entries in any category is 400 Euros. There is no limit on the number of learning materials participating from each publisher.
  • Once you have received the mail of confirmation, prepare the following items:

    - 3 sets of the title or 4 access codes
    - a Print-PDF file (min. 300 DPI) oft the cover
    - another file with the same resolution of your favourite 2-page spread
    - for online titles you may print the cover and an example to a high-res PDF-file

    and send them to the chairman of the BELMA jury:

    Jean-Claude LASNIER /BELMA
    6bis, rue des Narcisses
    F. 76430 La Remuée- France

  • Payment should be made via bank direct deposit within 14 days after registration but before the 28th of April 2017 as the latest. An invoice will be issued once you have registered.

Important dates

  • Registration for BELMA Awards 2017 will be possible on this page from January 18th 2017
  • Deadline for Registration: 28. April 2017
  • Deadline for Product Shipment:
  • Deadline for payment: 28. April 2017
  • Proclamation of the Winners 2017: on October 11, 2017 at the Frankfurt Book Fair (hall 4.2)

Questions about entering the Best European Learning Materials Awards? Please contact:

Jean-Claude LASNIER
Tel +33(0)6 878 09 252