Award Jury

Who are the members of the Best European Learning Materials Awards jury?

  • Jean Claude Lasnier, former Head of the French CCI Language training centres network, Council of Europe Expert in the fields of languages and quality assurance in education, chairman of the Jury
  • Christoph Bläsi, Prof. Dr., Institute for Book studies, Johannes-Gutenberg University, Mainz (Germany)
  • Helga Holtkamp, Director of the EEPG, independent educational publishing consultant and e-learning expert, Berlin (Germany)
  • Jana Huttova, Senior Advisor, Education Support Program, Open Society Foundation, London (United Kingdom)
  • Diana Kali, Publisher, MSc International Publishing Management, Stirling (United Kingdom); MA Teacher of Hungarian as a Foreign Language, Budapest (Hungary)
  • Eva Maagerø, Professor, Vestfold University College, Tønsberg (Norway)
  • James McCall, Principal Consultant in International Publishing, Scottish Centre for The Book, Edinburgh Napier University, Edinburgh (United Kingdom)
  • Jaan Mikk, Doctor of Education, Professor emeritus at the University of Tartu (Estonia)
  • Preben Späth, Senior Lecturer at the University of Ålborg (Denmark)