Second half of primary education and lower secondary education

The category comprises the second half of primary education (children are typically 8 - 10) and the first years in single structure education and in some cases lower secondary education (children up to 11 or 12).

  • In Germany this would be 3rd and 4th year of Grundschule and the first two years of Gymnasium.
  • In Turkey, similarly 3rd and 4th year of Ilkokul and the first two years of Ortaokul.
  • In Spain, this would be the last four years of Educación Primaria.
  • In France this would be four years of École élémentaire and the first year of Collège.
  • In some countries, where compulsory education starts earlier like in Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, this category starts in the 3rd year of Osnovna skola or similar institutions.
  • In England and Wales, the category would be adequate for materials for key stage 2.
  • In Hungary this category would be for the last three years of Általános Iskola.