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2021 BELMA Newsletter No 2

March 22nd, 2021

BELMA 2021 - Newsletter No 2

Dear colleagues,

Exactly a year ago, when we were in the first throws of the pandemic, we wrote to you about the importance of producing good learning and teaching materials and assisting teachers and students in those difficult times.
Little did we know that one year later the situation would not be much better.

So, as you know, The BELMA will take part under similar conditions as last year, with reduced fees and the possibility to upload PDFs instead of sending physical books for printed materials.

Last year, despite the pandemic, the response to BELMA was very good and we were able to award prizes to numerous distinguished products. Since meeting in person was not possible, some of the 2020 winners have sent us short videos. Editors and authors explain what BELMA means to them, the product and the users. You can find the videos here. We think that each of them shows very clearly that it is worth participating in the competition.

Please also watch the compilation of some of the feedback we received from the winners (please click the Allow all cookies-button first, otherwise the film will not be visible). This should convince anybody who is still not sure whether to enter their products.

In the meantime, we have had some questions from participants that we think are worth sharing.

One of the questions that reached us was whether you need to describe each part of a package in 200 words. Please send one short description for all the parts of the product together.

We were also asked about the special prize. The special prizes are given to materials that are entered in the normal categories and have not been awarded a bronze, silver or gold award, but the jury thinks that they should be mentioned (and awarded a prize) because they are different and innovative and special.

After a year of Covid 19, we have already seen some very interesting materials as a direct reaction to the pandemic. But that does not mean the special prizes will be given to Covid 19 related products. The focus of the jury is as always on innovative methodology - regardless of current circumstances such as distribution.

Another question that was asked was about the time frame. We honour recent products from the last and this year, but if you are handing in anew title in an existing series which is published now but the series is already some years old, that's Ok. Also, if you have previously submitted a product and have since revised, updated and improved it - feel free to re-submit. As you know, every product whether a winner or not receives a detailed evaluation from the jury and many of you have taken the recommendations to heart in the past and published improved materials.

Once again, please check the registration info here and also here. And as always, Jean-Claude will answer all your questions.

In the meantime, we hope that you are all staying healthy.

Jean-Claude Lasnier
Chairman of the BELMA jury

Helga Holtkamp
Director of EEPG

Wielandstr. 33, 10629 Berlin / Germany
Phone: +49 171 275 63 23
E-Mail: helga.holtkamp@eepg.org

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