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2020 BELMA Newsletter No 2

March 27th, 2020

BELMA 2020 - Newsletter No 2

Dear Colleagues,

These are difficult times, and none of us expected something like this pandemic could happen when we opened BELMA at the end of January.

Over the last few weeks, we have talked to many colleagues and discussed what educational publishers can do to help. We all agreed that education - and good education at that - is always needed but especially in such difficult times. Many publishers have accelerated the digitalisation process and everybody is helping by providing materials for home schooling and distance learning. However, the term "distance learning" is probably wrong, because learning and working together on platforms and in shared apps, helps us to collaborate and socialise remotely when we can't do it in person.

Every publisher and materials provider is facing steep challenges, be it with connectivity or having to digitalise their materials quicker than planned. However, these challenges shouldn't stop anybody from creating excellent materials.

The jury and everybody involved in BELMA, sincerely believe that it is vital to send a strong signal about the quality of education in these times. Even if we had less entries than in previous years, we would still be able to show the importance of good quality teaching and learning materials. We have therefore decided not to stop or postpone BELMA. However, we do understand that it might be difficult for some of you to take part because of the challenges mentioned before.

So, here are some measurements we are taking. We hope that this will motivate many of you to participate:

  1. The Early Bird discount of 10% will apply for every entry that reaches us by 30th April (the official end date for registration)
  2. The jury will accept "partial" entries, if you weren't able to print/finish in time because of the pandemic. (Please contact Jean-Claude to assess precisely whether your product is eligible for submission). But please note that we'll need working access codes if you are providing digital products.
  3. You can choose to either send hard copies of printed materials (as before) or PDFs. If you want to send PDFs, we will give you access to a secure server for uploading your data.

If you have any queries, please get in touch with Jean-Claude for further information.

And most important of all - stay healthy!

With best wishes

Jean-Claude Lasnier
Chairman of the BELMA jury

Helga Holtkamp
Director of EEPG

Wielandstr. 33, 10629 Berlin / Germany
Phone: +49 171 275 63 23
E-Mail: helga.holtkamp@eepg.org

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