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2018 BELMA Newsletter No 5

April 25. 2018

BELMA Newsletter 2018 No 5 - Deadline extended - Last chance to register - six more days to go!

Dear colleague,

We have had great feedback for this year's BELMA, and especially from non-members of the EEPG. This shows that the BELMA has become an important and esteemed prize in the educational landscape of Europe.

At the same time, we had quite a few enquiries from publishers who want to participate but whose products were not quite ready. So we are giving you a few extra days until May 1st to register.

This year, there is a very good mix of entries for all categories and all subjects and topics. Many of the products that have been submitted so far are concentrating on teaching competences rather than knowledge acquisition. This reflects the new curricula that have come into existence in quite a few European countries.

The trend to have products that comprise different media is also continuing. A few years ago, the BEMA still had a category for digital materials. This distinction is now gone completely. Most products have different components and often come with a dedicated website. However, the jury expected to see more video materials this year since distribution has become easier, but that is not the case. Was last year's winner in category 4 an exception?

Maybe you have some great material that you haven't entered yet - a video, a game, a reader or a complete course. Please remember that every entry, winner or not, will receive a detailed analysis from the jury, pointing out its strong features and suggesting improvements.

Please click here for registration.

If your (physical) product is not quite ready, please contact Jean-Claude Lasnier for advice.

Good luck and hope to see you at the reception on October 10th at the Frankfurt book fair!

And as always: Don't hesitate to write if you have any questions.


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