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2020 BELMA Newsletter No 6

August 6th, 2020

BELMA 2020 - Shortlist is ready!

The BELMA jury has had its first evaluation round and we can now announce the products that have been shortlisted for a BELMA this year.
It was the first virtual jury meeting ever and not only was the jury sitting in different countries with different time zones, they also had to provide their own coffee and tea!
There were so many outstanding products this year that the decisions were difficult indeed. Now follows the final evaluation round for the gold, silver, bronze and special prices in the four categories. But for three days, everybody fought on bravely and after much discussion the shortlist was complete.

Please note that the jury changed the categories for some products and we will be in touch next week with an explanation to those concerned and sending out the shortlist buttons to everybody whose product is on the shortlist.
The final winners will be announced in the last week of August.
Until then - all the best from

Jean-Claude Lasnier
Chairman of the BELMA jury

Helga Holtkamp
Director of EEPG

Wielandstr. 33, 10629 Berlin / Germany
Phone: +49 171 275 63 23
E-Mail: helga.holtkamp@eepg.org

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