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2018 BELMA Newsletter No 3

March/April 2018

BELMA Newsletter 2018 No 3

Dear colleague,

This is just reminder for the important BELMA dates 2018
  • Deadline for Registration: 28. March
  • Deadline for payment: 15. April
  • Deadline for Product Shipment: 15. April
  • Proclamation of the Winners: on October 10, at the Frankfurt Book Fair (hall 4.2)

So, the official deadline for the registration is in fact this Wednesday!

However, because of the Easter holidays in many countries and quite a few requests asking for an extension, we will do exactly that.

Extended deadlines:
  • Deadline for Registration: 27. April
  • Deadline for payment: 4. May
  • Deadline for Product Shipment: 4. May
  • Proclamation of the Winners stays: on October 10, at the Frankfurt Book Fair (hall 4.2)

We hope that this will give more of you a chance to submit their entries. The jury process is thorough and comprehensive and since we accept entries in all European languages. The jury members team up with speakers of these languages to give every entry due consideration. To be able to announce the shortlist in June, the jury needs at least four weeks to do the first evaluation round.

Since we often get queries about the evaluation process, here it is in a nutshell again:
  • Every product will be given to three different evaluators (hence the number of copies and access codes)
  • Each evaluator looks at the product individually (sometimes with the help of a translator/native speaker)
  • For each product, the evaluator fills in a comprehensive matrix that covers 25 different aspects (the criteria can be seen online)
  • In addition to this, each evaluator writes a summary report and provides a short presentation for each product. This get send to the chairman who re-organises the reports for each product.
  • Shortly before the week-long jury meeting in August, the jury members receive the consolidated reports for each product.
  • At the jury meeting in August, the three evaluators of each product explain their individual decisions and each product is then looked at by the group and discussed at length.
  • An evaluation report is written and the winners are decided on by the whole jury.

So far this year, we have quite a few entries for the revised category 1, but surprisingly few for category 4. However, experience shows that this will even out towards the end of the submission time line.

So please, get your products registered and help making the BELMA a showcase for the best educational materials in Europe!

And as always: Don't hesitate to write if you have any questions.

Good luck


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