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2018 BELMA Newsletter No 1

January 2018

BELMA 2018 - the competition is now open

Dear all,

We hope you had a good start to 2018. We are looking forward to seeing your new and exciting products in the 2018 BELMA competition.

The Best European Learning Materials Awards ( BELMA) competition, co-organised by the Frankfurt Book Fair, the IARTEM (the International Association for Research on Textbooks and Educational Media) and the EEPG (European Educational Publishers Group) is open to all educational publishers in Europe.

In 2017, there was a tremendous variety of learning materials from different subjects, types of materials and categories. We hope that for 2018 the entries will be as interesting and as challenging for the jury as they were last year. Please remember that the jury reads all European languages and alphabets, so you can hand in any type of material relevant for your country. Best of luck!

NEW in 2018: We have opened up category 1 to include the first two years of primary education. In many countries hardly any books or materials are used in pre-primary and kindergarten, while the first or first two years of primary are often playful materials that are very different from materials for 8 - 12 year olds. After consulting experts in the field of pre-primary and primary education and looking at the ISCED criteria again, we have therefore decided on this description for category 1.

Early childhood education and first years of compulsory primary education
The category comprises materials for kindergarten and pre school or similar institutions like Infant Classes or Børnehaver, Niplaggeio, Dječji vrtić, Detska gradina or Koolieelne lasteasutus. It also covers the first year or first two years of compulsory education ( Primary, Grundschule, école élémentaire, İlkokul)
Children who attend these institutions are typically between 0 - 7 years old.

Consequently, category 2 has also changed slightly. Please refer to the the description on the website.

And as always - if you are in doubt as to which category to submit your product in, please write to

Jean-Claude Lasnier

The 2018 competition is open from February 1st. Please register by 18th of April. Use this link to register .

Be amongst the best ed-publishers and submit your entry now!

Jean-Claude Lasnier

Wielandstr. 33, 10629 Berlin / Germany
Phone: +49 171 275 63 23
E-Mail: helga.holtkamp@eepg.org

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