Primary and lower secondary education

The category comprises primary education, the first years in single structure education and in some cases lower secondary education. This category refers typically to the first 6 years of compulsory full-time edu­­­­cation and is for pupils between the ages of 6/7 - 11/12.

  • In Germany this would be Grundschule and the first 2 years of Gymnasium.
  • In Turkey, similarly Ilkokul and the first 2 years of Ortaokul.
  • In Spain, this would be Educación Primaria.
  • In France this would be École élémentaire and the first year of Collège.
  • In some countries, where compulsory education starts earlier like in Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, this category is for the first years of Osnovna skola or similar institutions.
  • In England and Wales, the category would be adequate for materials from the second year of primary onwards.
  • In Hungary this category would be for the first years of Általános Iskola.