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BELMA Newsletter 2017 No 2

March 2017

BELMA Registration

BELMA registration has been open for well over a month now and will close on April 28th. 2017. So, there are 7 more weeks to submit titles. However, the jury much appreciates early entries as they can prepare to get the specialists for all languages.

In the meantime, here are some FAQs that have reached us and that you might also be interested in:

Q: Do our entries have to be in English?
A: Absolutely not, the jury reads all European languages whether in Latin alphabet or Cyrillic (or even Hebrew)

Q: Our title was published late in 2015, can I still enter it?
A: Yes, you can. We are specifying a publication date of 2016/17 because we want to make sure that we get the new developments, but if your title was published for first use in 2016, we will accept it.

Q: I have a whole series of titles for different years. How should I enter them?
A: If they fall into the same age category, you can enter them as one title. If they fall in two, please enter them twice, since the criteria for evaluation are slightly different.

Q: I have an online title which will be ready later this year. Can I already enter it?
A: Please enter online titles only if you are sure that the access codes work by end of April. If not, it is better to wait another year. The jury needs working access codes otherwise too much time is spent on technical problems. Also make sure that access codes work from abroad.

Q: I have a title that falls between the categories. What should I do?
A: Please write to Jean-Claude Lasnier. He will get in touch and advise you how to enter.

And here are some interesting facts from last year:
  • 16 different nations took part.
  • Well over 40% of the entries were for category 2.
  • About 27% of the entries were for maths.
  • Only 15% of the entries did not have a digital component.

We are looking forward to receiving your entries and wish you all the best of luck!

Jean Claude Lasnier, Chairman of the jury
Helga Holtkamp, Member of the jury and director of EEPG

Wielandstr. 33, 10629 Berlin / Germany
Phone: +49 171 275 63 23
E-Mail: helga.holtkamp@eepg.org