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Newsletter 2016 No 7

14 September 2016


BELMA 2016 winners chosen

The winners of a BELMA prize have been notified that they have won - but not which prize .... If you have taken part but not been notified, we are afraid your entry did not win a prize this year, but would like to encourage you to try again. A report for each entry will be sent after the Frankfurt Bookfair.

This year, there were so many high quality learning materials that it was extremely difficult for the jury to decide. There was a wide range of products from language learning (Chinese, English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish) to Science (Biology, Chemistry, Physics) and Maths but also History, Music, Literature, Religion and even Traffic Education. There were only very few entries in category one this year but an astonishing number in category 4, proving the BELMA right for establishing this new category.

25 % of the entries were digital resources only, while 60 % were packages that included a digital component. Just 15 % were printed books only. Many resources now engage parents as well as teachers and students showing how education is evolving. Far more than in recent years, differentiation and individualization have become key issues.

If you like to find out more about the outstanding materials, come to the award ceremony on October 19th at 4 pm in hall 4.2 at the Frankfurt Bookfair

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