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BELMA Newsletter 2016 No 6

July 2016

BELMA 2016 Shortlisted entries

Dear colleague,

The BELMA jury has finished the first round of evaluating this year's entries for the Best Educational Learning Materials Award. It was a very difficult task as there were so many excellent entries. Out of almost 50 entries, 28 have now been shortlisted and will be evaluated again. It will be a very close race because of the high quality of all entries submitted.

Would you like to see which products are shortlisted and which are the subjects and the publishers? Then please go to www.belma-award.eu. There was a broad spectrum of topics and subjects this year but most shortlisted titles are from maths or language learning.

If your product is on the shortlist, you will have already been informed. If you took part and are not shortlisted this year, we wish you better luck next year! And don't forget:

Remember, even if your product is not shortlisted now, you might still be in the race for the Special Award.

So, please join us in Frankfurt on 19th October at 4 pm for the prize giving ceremony in the Educational Forum, hall 4.2

Have a good summer.
With best wishes


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