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BELMA Newsletter 2016 No 2

March 2016


On the first day of spring and half way through the registration period we would like to remind you that you have four weeks left to register your products for the Best European Learning Materials Awards (BELMA). the competition is organized by the EEPG (European Educational Publishers Group) together with IARTEM (International Association for Research on Textbooks and Educational Media) and the Frankfurt Bookfair.

Last year the awards ceremony - which takes place during the Frankfurt Bookfair - was attended by more than 120 guests from publishing houses and interested teachers from all over the world.


Registration for the competition is open until 31st of March. Please use this link or the one at the end of this newsletter.


Every year, the jury gives a special prize to an entry from one of the four categories that you can enter your products in. This product is singled out for its innovative and creative teaching and learning approach. This year, reflecting the situation in Europe, the jury will focus especially on learning and teaching materials that deal with language acquisition and literacy and embrace the concepts of diversity and inclusion.

More information on the categories is given here.

If you have any questions, you can contact Jean-Claude Lasnier, the chairman of the BELMA jury.

If you did not receive the first newsletter, please download it here.

Checklist for online BELMA registration,

In order to save time, when registering for the BELMA Awards, please make sure you have the following pieces of information and documents within easy reach before you go on line:

Participating publishing house details
  • Name of Company/Postal mailing Address/Email address
  • Website address
  • VAT number (very important!) including leading letters for abbreviation of the country
Contact Person
  • First name/ Surname/ Telephone number/ Mobile phone number/ Email address
Details of each published learning materials to be entered for the BELMA competition
  • Title of the publication
  • ISBN number
  • Educational field
    • Language (language/ literature/ literacy)
    • Science (Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, ...)
    • History/Geography
    • Arts (Design/drawing/Music, ...)
    • Other fields (I.C.T, Religion, Social science/behaviour, ...)
  • Types of learning materials entered (When a material is entered, the jury does not look at a text- or workbook as a single item but at the material for a whole program/course. It is thus advisable to list all the components of the material you wish to enter, be it textbook, CD or DVD, online resource or tablet app or teacher's book or game)
    • Learners' book, Teacher's guide, Work book, Audio CD, CD Rom, DVD, on line free extra materials, Flashcards, posters, Tests Assessment tools, other types(please state)
  • Product description Make a clear and concise description in English of the learning materials entered (min. 200 words for each), stating
    • the target public,
    • the main characteristics of its components (in case of a learning materials' package)
    • The specific innovative features of the materials
  • BELMA Category in which you wish to enter each learning material
    • Category 1: Early childhood education
    • Category 2: Primary and lower secondary education
    • Category 3: Secondary education (including secondary vocational education)
    • Category 4: Post-secondary education (including tertiary education)

Once you have gathered these necessary pieces of information, please register on line on the BELMA Website.

If your company has already participated in a previous BELMA Awards, there is an auto-complete function that fills in your company´s details. Please check the entered data carefully to make sure everything is correct.
After you have completed the registration process an email will be sent out to you confirming your entry and a second one containing the bill.

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