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BELMA Newsletter 2016 No 1

January 2016


Best European Learning Materials Awards - 2016

The Best European Learning Materials Awards ( BELMA) competition, co-organised by the Frankfurt Book Fair, the IARTEM (the International Association for Research on Textbooks and Educational Media) and the EEPG (European Educational Publishers Group) is open to all educational publishers in Europe.

The 2016 competition is now open. Please register by 31st of March. Use the link at the end of this newsletter.

Bel15_13_all Winners.jpg

Taking into account the growing success and wishing to further promote the innovative products of participating companies, the organisers of the Awards have decided to continue developing and improving the outcome of the BELMA competition.

What is new? Firstly,

the 4 categories have been revised so as to take into account and reflect the existing school systems in Europe. Published learning materials of any kind may now be entered under one of the following categories:

Category 1: Early childhood education
The category comprises materials for kindergarten and pre-school or similar institutions like Infant Classes or Børnehaver or Niplaggeio or Dječji vrtić. Children who attend these institutions are typically between 0 - 6 years old. However, in some countries, children attend these institutions until they are 7. This is the case for example in Bulgaria ( Detska gradina), Estonia ( Koolieelne lasteasutus), Latvia and Lithuania, Finland and Sweden.

Category 2: Primary and lower secondary education
The category comprises primary education, the first years in single structure education and in some cases lower secondary education. This category refers typically to the first 6 years of compulsory full-time education and is for pupils between the ages of 6/7 - 11/12. In Germany this would be Grundschule and the first 2 years of Gymnasium. In Turkey, similarly Ilkokul and the first 2 years of Ortaokul. In Spain, this would be Educación Primaria. In France this would be École élémentaire and the first year of Collège. In some countries, where compulsory education starts earlier like in Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, this category is for the first years of Osnovna skola or similar institutions. In England and Wales, the category would be adequate for materials from the second year of primary onwards. In Hungary this category would be for the first years of Általános Iskola.

Category 3: Secondary education (including secondary vocational education)
The category comprises secondary and single structure education for 12/13 - 16/17 year olds. It typically covers the last years of compulsory secondary education and includes vocational training if this falls into the age category, like the Centre de formation d'apprentis in France or the Istitutio tecnico in Italy. In countries where full-time compulsory education ends at the age of 14 (Croatia) or 15 (e.g. Czech Republic, Greece, Cyprus, Austria, Poland, Slovenia, etc) materials for 16-17 year olds (at e.g. Gimnázium, Menntaskóli, Liceum, Oberstufenrealgymnasium) should still be entered in this category.

Category 4: Post-secondary education (including tertiary education)
The category comprises post-secondary and tertiary education for students from the ages of 17/18. This may include all kinds of materials for state and private institutions and for self-study. The materials could be for the last years of Liceo as well as for Konservatórium or MBO Basisberopepsopleiding. If materials cover less or more than an academic year, this should be clearly stated. If materials fall between category 3 and 4, it is advisable to contact the chairman for advice on the appropriate category.

What is new? Secondly,

the online form registration process has been facilitated by the provision of an elaborative checklist enabling participants to prepare all the necessary information required to fill in the online form.

What is new? Thirdly,

this 2016 competition will continue with the "BELMA shortlisted" tool for promoting and increasing the visibility of your learning materials:

  • a list of the 40 best BELMA entries, shortlisted in the jury first round evaluation will be displayed on the BELMA Website mid-June 2016.
  • the concerned publishing houses will be informed by mail with a link to the the BELMA Web site.
  • BELMA will provide a logo which can be used to promote shortlisted materials.
Button_2016 Shortlisted_Button.png

I also wish to draw your attention to the fact that
  • all participating titles will be evaluated by an international jury of outstanding experts on education and learning materials. http://www.belma-award.eu/Award-Jury.html
  • each participating title will receive written feedback where the jury describes the strengths of each title as well as it makessuggestions for improvement.

Should you have any specific questions or requests, do not hesitate to contact me by mail.

Looking forward to receiving your registration.
Kind regards

Jean-Claude LASNIER
Chairman of the BELMA Award Jury

Checklist for online BELMA registration,

In order to save time, when registering for the BELMA Awards, please make sure you have the following pieces of information and documents within easy reach before you go on line:

Participating publishing house details
  • Name of Company/Postal mailing Address/Email address
  • Website address
  • VAT number (very important!) including leading letters for abbreviation of the country
Contact Person
  • First name/ Surname/ Telephone number/ Mobile phone number/ Email address
Details of each published learning materials to be entered for the BELMA competition
  • Title of the publication
  • ISBN number
  • Educational field
    • Language (language/ literature/ literacy)
    • Science (Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, ...)
    • History/Geography
    • Arts (Design/drawing/Music, ...)
    • Other fields (I.C.T, Religion, Social science/behaviour, ...)
  • Types of learning materials entered (When a material is entered, the jury does not look at a text- or workbook as a single item but at the material for a whole program/course. It is thus advisable to list all the components of the material you wish to enter, be it textbook, CD or DVD, online resource or tablet app or teacher's book or game)
    • Learners' book, Teacher's guide, Work book, Audio CD, CD Rom, DVD, on line free extra materials, Flashcards, posters, Tests Assessment tools, other types(please state)
  • Product description Make a clear and concise description in English of the learning materials entered (min. 200 words for each), stating
    • the target public,
    • the main characteristics of its components (in case of a learning materials' package)
    • The specific innovative features of the materials
  • BELMA Category in which you wish to enter each learning material
    • Category 1: Early childhood education
    • Category 2: Primary and lower secondary education
    • Category 3: Secondary education (including secondary vocational education)
    • Category 4: Post-secondary education (including tertiary education)

Once you have gathered these necessary pieces of information, please register on line on the BELMA Website.

If your company has already participated in a previous BELMA Awards, there is an auto-complete function that fills in your company´s details. Please check the entered data carefully to make sure everything is correct.
After you have completed the registration process an email will be sent out to you confirming your entry and a second one containing the bill.

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